William Turns 6!!!

I can’t believe William is now six! It feels as though it wasn’t very long ago that he was born. And now the world tells me that he is 6! I’m so thankful that he is growing to be healthy and strong. Having him and becoming a mother has certainly been the biggest and most challenging change in my life. Having a baby is the hardest thing one can do in life and I congratulate every mom for all that they do for their children!

Sorry for that little rant, but I thought it was necessary :). William had lunch at the park with all of his friends were he was able to play and enjoy a little sunshine in the mild weather. We had subs and cake, (homemade from me!) and after I took him to a Milwaukee bucks game, and he loved it. It was so much fun for the both of us to bond, and enjoy our day together.  The nosebleed seats only cost me $22 dollars, which is why I recommend sporting events for various reasons if you’re looking for interactive fun!

bradley center

Thanks for listening. Love Shaye J

Picture credit: www.skyscrapercity.com


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