Happy Easter

It has come early to us this year, but I hope that all have a happy Easter and safe travels. I anticipate that everyone has booked their trips early enough so that they weren’t too expensive. Hopefully the weekend will be filled with hope, love, and happiness with friends and family.


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Pilates Helps!

I have been running a lot lately to try and increase my cardio, but I still wanted to tighten my body better. I’m not trying to solicit anything but I already take part in yoga classes periodically (one of my girlfriends is a certified yoga instructor), and I wanted to do even more. So I chose to start doing Pilates again! I had taken classes previously before William, but stopped. I saw results from it before so I thought it would be a good choice to go back to.

I’ve personally felt great after starting. My flexibility and focus has also increased lately. I recommend getting a mat and a band and going for it! Its easy to grasp, so I would just YouTube an introduction video and learn the basics. No monthly gym fee necessary ladies!



All you need!

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Spring Break Anyone?

If there is one thing that I took away from college, go on a spring break trip! I was a student who enjoyed working hard, but also needed relief from the work. The same thing should be said about “grown ups” in need of the same. So don’t be afraid to ask some of your closets friends if they want to take some time and head out for a mini vacation.

destin beach

This is my opinion and no one else’s, but I would recommend staying in the U.S. if you are going on a spring break trip. I would go more international with family so that you can experience the countryside together.

destin house

My girlfriends and I plan on taking a trip to Destin, Florida, which is, were the pictures were taken (A Panama city or Ft. Lauderdale might be a little to party happy for a older crowd, but it’s your personal preference). A flight, hotel costs, and other expenses to a trip such as this could be the same as an international flight! Plan accordingly, and everything will be ok! It even gives William a little time to spend with his grandparents!

I would think about taking one. I know you want to get away ladies!


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Leading the People

My management and leadership life coach classes have been a bundle of work lately. It is clear however, that these classes have helped me to learn how to further budget one of my greatest assets. Time!

Obviously, I have to contend with time that I might lose with my son. However, I’m at a point in my career where I need to know more so that William and I can both be better off. He will be moving on to 1st grade, which means he is gone for a full day of school (which is crazy to think about)

The idea of learning more about managing myself, along with others is fantastic. I think I can truly teach people, while also understanding them more. I’m someone who likes to be inspired, and here is my chance to inspire others.

Do you have any problems managing your time? If so I would love to help if possible.


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