Growing Up Faster than Ever!

I can’t believe that William is growing up so fast! He is out growing everything in no time. I feel as though I buy a new pair of shows every other day. Its crazy to think that he will be a teenager and then an adult. I need to stop before I start crying.

I have come up with the secret to buy things a little bigger now knowing he’ll grow into them in time.

I was going through some of his old baby clothes and couldn’t help, but think of all the good memories we have had together. I truly am seeing a boy grow up into a young man before my eyes.

Simplicity at its finest

Today, I was looking aimlessly in my fridge to make something and realize that I hadn’t been to the store yet this week (does anyone else have that issue?). It made me realize however, that I can make something with the existing food I already have.


I was able to make some great food to eat and even save for later! Eggs in an onion, salsa and avocado pasta salad, and even cinnamon roll pancakes! Yum! I guess I had a little more in my fridge than I thought. (And I realized that you can never pinterest for too long!)

avacado pasta salad

It makes me think even more about budgeting next time I go to the store since apparently I have a bit of a creative knack in me and can whip up some pretty tasty meals with a few random ingredients!


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Run Run Run!

I do have a 6-year-old boy to run around with all day, but I also enjoy putting my headphones in and hitting the trails!

running lakefront

I ran along the lake today and although it was a little chilly it felt great to see the water so fierce. It is funny that although I have been in Milwaukee for sometime now, I still appear to get lost. Does anyone else have that problem? I try to embrace it though, and think of it as a great way to learn more and get some extra miles in! I came home exhausted and happy that I was able to get such a good run in.


I have even thought about joining a running club. I hear they are great, and that everyone is able to run at a good pace. It would also motivate me to get a new pair of running shoes. I think I might just do it! J  Any suggestions out there for your favorite running shoes?

Nike Free Run 5.0 Women Red Green

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