Give the Dog a Bone

I always enjoy doing things for Sheba to keep her happy, and healthy. This time I decided to make some dog treats for her that she had to love.

I obviously was scrimmaging through pinterest, and came across the recipe. It seemed simple enough, and entertaining to make as well. I also was pleased to have a helper! William was extremely excited when I asked him to make the treats. It was nice to make them together, and Sheba loved them!

dog treats

Try to find your own recipe on pinterest.

sheba treat dog u

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Remember the Days?

Although I wish to refrain from talking about my family too extensively, I can say that a close family friend of mine graduated from Marquette University this past week. It is so refreshing to see students complete such an honor. I know they will go off and set the world on fire!

mu grad caps


School feels so long ago for me! I hardly remember the days of living in the dorms, or pre-gaming for the bars before a night out with the girls. However, I can say that it was a great time in my life and I wouldn’t take anything back from it. I’m so happy for her and to all those that graduated!

mu grads

First Pitch!

Today, William and I went to our first Brewers game of the season. I love going to the stadium and cheering for the team! Hopefully the boys will have a good season this year!


William and I shared two hot dogs and cotton candy. Yum!! Sadly we lost against the Cardinals 6-1, but I still couldn’t ask for a better day with my son.


Always remember that a simple trip to an event or game can get you out of the house, while also relieving stress (well for me it does J). And it’s the same price of a movie, but memories are made!


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