The Start of Something New

With the sun out, and summer in full frontal, I’ve been seeing very cute boys. I don’t think too much about dating now that I have William, but I think its time I put myself back out there.

It appears that every time I walk my dog I can’t help, but look at all the handsome other men in the park. I never knew it was a requirement if you had a dog! I don’t usually run with Sheba too much, but she might have to start if I’m going to meet one of these guys!


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So Close!


Ahhhh! Summerfest is coming, and I can’t seem to handle my excitement! I love to go and see all the bands. It also gives me some time to be with my girls and enjoy the great weather!

It will be here soon and that makes me very happy! 🙂 If you have never been before then I recommend going. Ticket prices are only $17 dollars for the day. And you can get discounted bundle rates! That is a steal, for anyone trying to see an artist with ticket prices so high.

Is anyone going this year??! And who are you going to see?!


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Is Gluten Free Healthy?

I was with one of my girlfriends the other day eating a delectable burger. She ordered the same thing I did, however, she didn’t get a bun with her burger. It wasn’t necessarily shocking and I figured she was just on a diet. As we were eating and talking (and a little bit of gossiping I suppose!) she told me she was now eating gluten-free. I knew what gluten free meant and what it was, but I have never looked into the beneficial aspects of it. She walked me through how she came to be gluten free. She exclaimed that after a series of migraines and stomach aches a friend told her to try it out. She has been feeling great ever since, so it piques my own interest a bit.

gluten free products

I love going to the grocery store and saving money. I think even trying to be gluten free is a little too expensive for me, but I did make a gluten free pizza to see how I felt and sample the taste! It wasn’t bad at all! I was able to get my inspiration from A Gluten Free Guide. I think I’ll learn a few more gluten free recipes in the future to to try out for William and I. Who knows, maybe I will try to make it a more permanent lifestyle in the future!

gluten free pizza ready

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I can’t Get Enough of You, Sheba!

Today couldn’t have been any weirder! I was sitting at work until I received a call from the doggy daycare. They were calling to tell me that I had to pick Sheba up, because she was disrupting the other dogs too much. I couldn’t believe it! I know she loves to play, but that is too funny! Sometimes she has too much fun!

sheba on bed u

When I got to her, she was happier than ever. And I got the chance to leave work for a little bit. :p She still is the cutest thing to me!

sheba on bed up u

sheba in tub