One Fantastic Weekend!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable, safe, and fun Fourth of July weekend! It was fantastic to be able to spend such a great weekend with great family and friends!

William and I saw fireworks two nights in a row! He loves the boom and glisten when they go off before him. I was always scared of them as a kid :(. I hated the loud noises, as my parents had to force me to the grassy fields, pulling me along. As I look back on it, I’m forever grateful that they did though! It dazzles me to see them go off now and forever.


I know I didn’t state this in the opening, but I wanted to thank all of the troops because of what they do for not only my family, and me but for everyone in the world! They put themselves on the line and I’m forever grateful.

I know Fourth of July only comes once a year, but we should always have care and love for our troops, family, and country! So I say Thank you.


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