The Dog Tip on Food

Since having Sheba I have learned that dogs can be a major expense in your life. However, that is no need to discourage someone from getting one! I have found that dog treats in the morning are a cost effective way of saving money instead of buying large dog food bags. At night I will feed, which has been keeping her hungry and healthy. You have to find out what kind your dog will like in my opinion and how much food they consume. But remember to keep them healthy and up whenever they eat! It could turn into a successful and long life for your pup!


We did this food strategy with my dog growing up (a beautiful mixed lab named Champion, and she made it 18 years!) Imagine your dog making it that long and I know you’ll be happy!

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One thought on “The Dog Tip on Food

  1. Make sure they are quality treats or it’s just like feeding your kid candy for breakfast. Pick ones that have some sort of nutritional value like vitamins or protein. Better yet you could save even more money by making some treats. Slicing and drying sweet potatoes, or mixing and baking biscuits. I need to do this as we are currently out and I don’t want to go buy any. Lots of recipes out there.
    I would feed our lab once a day if he could handle it but he does better with 2. Luna is raw fed and gets a small snack in AM as our lab eats then her normal meal at night. She likes it that way it seems and does just fine.
    Good luck! Also a higher end more concentrated food should last a lot longer bag wise than lower end that you have to feed more of for nutritional value.

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