Project Time

I feel as though a house project is way over due in my home. I haven’t decided what color I want to do, but I do know that I want to paint one of the walls in my house! Out of all the colors that make me smile, I think that I want to paint a light peach color. It has the possibility of complimenting several of my rooms, which excites me!

sheba wrapped in blanket

I think the project will not only help me but also William and Sheba alike. It can also help me to teach William some new skills about being a handyman for the future (I always enjoy preparing him for his future)!

I was taught by my father several ways to do chores around the house, which several of my friends are startled by. But it’s because I had no easy upbringing which has helped shape who I ‘am today J.  Gosh, I’m excited to be able to have fun with this and share some laughs with my lovies.  Watch out handymen, Shaye Walsh is showing you a trick or two :). Feel free to post about any projects you’er up to or color ideas!


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