The Brew City that I Love

I was recently contacted by a friend in the pet blogging community about an awesome sharing opportunity online.  DogVacay has started a photo sharing campaign to find out how your dog represents your city and interests.

I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for Sheba to show how she represents our city and interests and I thought it was the perfect time to exemplify how much I love Milwaukee. It just seemed like such a cute and fun idea that I couldn’t pass up while thinking about all of the ideas and possibilities from even other cities!

Milwaukee is not only a big brew town, but also a town driven by sports and enthusiastic people! Just from the lake and breweries  it isn’t hard to fall in love quickly. Sheba enjoys when I walk her all over the city, or take her on the lake. Though I think she is the biggest fan of basketball. Whenever William plays around with one, him and Sheba always have the best time, which is why I dressed her up in a Milwaukee Bucks jersey.

sheba bucks

I know what you’re thinking (isn’t she the cutest thing). I think it reflects her pride for her city, and team! DogVacay really has done an awesome job in helping me attain a pet sitter when I’am out of town, especially in the Milwaukee area. If you live in Milwaukee, or you’re trying to find someone then I would do a quick search here!

5 thoughts on “The Brew City that I Love

  1. Such a cute dog! By the way, several years ago, I had a work-related conference scheduled in Milwaukee. I was bummed. Milwaukee? What’s there besides beer? Out of all the cities I went to over the years for conferences, it was most definitely my favorite. It’s so rich in culture and variety– from the old German section, to the microbrews to the warehouse galleries and antiques to its fantastic museum. Great city.

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