My First Golfing Experience

I was asked by a coworker to go golfing this past weekend. At first I was very hesitant to say yes, as I have never been golfing before. I had only heard about how hard it can be! Despite this feeling, I thought this was something I just couldn’t pass up so I took her up on the offer and went. I had a blast at the course, which I was not expecting! Yes, I stunk at it, but it was loads of fun and now I know how much fun it can be! I wish it wasn’t already getting so cold or else I probably would try to go more often. However, I think I’ll hold off until next spring!

I’ll stick with my fitness plan, and marathon training. Though now I know to go the next time someone is looking. It is as hard as they say it is, but with a few more outings I think I’ll be able to hold my own! And the course was beautiful! Take a look at the few photos I remembered to snap. Don’t forget that you don’t have to go to a fancy golf course. For only a few dollars you can have fun on the course, and enjoy the outdoors on a beautiful afternoon.

golfing  golf course

Puppy Play Date

When I woke up this past Sunday Sheba seemed to be lagging a little more than usual. So I thought to myself, what could I do to make her feel better? My first thought was to go over to one of my girlfriend’s houses that also has a dog. Sheba has always loved playing with other dogs whenever she see’s them, I just hadn’t had a puppy play date in awhile so I forgot how much fun they were! It was great for not only me, but for my girlfriend’s yellow lab as well. They had so much fun exploring together, and finding different things in the backyard. I was able to catch up with her, and really had a very eventful day. Even William was also able to come with his busy superstar sports schedule and hangout with the dogs!

look at you on bed-sheba

This can be a fun activity to not only get you outside of the house, but to also get your dog active and happy again. She even made some sandwiches for us to eat for lunch, which was great! The French bread she had for the sandwiches made my tongue yell in happiness.  So don’t forget that your dog can be just as social as you are the next time you’re looking to do something :)! You might be surprised at how much fun you have.

photo 5

Is My Son Superman?

I know I only have one son, but I honestly can’t believe all the things that he wants to get himself into! He plays soccer right now, he wants to start karat lessons, and he is signed up to start playing basketball in the winter! I can’t believe he can get himself into all of this, and still come home and be happy. It excites me so much to see him grow and prosper! It makes me hardly have the energy to keep up with him!


I just hope I don’t turn into one of those crazy moms who can’t handle losing. Trying your best is what matters to me and I think people forget that. I also think he wants to do all of these things because I haven’t pushed him into doing it. He just wants to do it all on his own! I think his motivation to succeed is driving him further. He always tell me that he wants to make me happy and honestly it makes me cry a little each day :)!


I Can Be A Champion!

I want to thank everyone for the resounding advice and encouragement that I have been getting recently. The soccer game was a huge success and the boys came out victorious!  I was even asked to help out again, because I did such a great job! I now know that nobody’s life is perfect, and that certainly can go for me! However, a little love and some smiles can go a long way in this world :)!


With things going well for me at the current moment I have decided to get into running a little more seriously. Besides I have two of the greatest fans that a woman could ever have (my son and dog)! I plan on training to run my first half marathon by next spring. I don’t have too many friends who are into running so I might need some help with this! I don’t know if that is too long to wait or if I can schedule one before the end of the year. I honestly am scared because I know how demanding these can be! I hope that the love of my son and family can help me to reach this new goal though, as I know they will!


I hope that everyone continues to read my blog as I plan to update more currently with photos, recipes, workouts, and fashion. Especially once I’m able to get the camera that I want so that you can finally see all the great things I do! Take care and don’t forget to give tips, because we are all learning in this thing called life.


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