I Can Be A Champion!

I want to thank everyone for the resounding advice and encouragement that I have been getting recently. The soccer game was a huge success and the boys came out victorious!  I was even asked to help out again, because I did such a great job! I now know that nobody’s life is perfect, and that certainly can go for me! However, a little love and some smiles can go a long way in this world :)!


With things going well for me at the current moment I have decided to get into running a little more seriously. Besides I have two of the greatest fans that a woman could ever have (my son and dog)! I plan on training to run my first half marathon by next spring. I don’t have too many friends who are into running so I might need some help with this! I don’t know if that is too long to wait or if I can schedule one before the end of the year. I honestly am scared because I know how demanding these can be! I hope that the love of my son and family can help me to reach this new goal though, as I know they will!


I hope that everyone continues to read my blog as I plan to update more currently with photos, recipes, workouts, and fashion. Especially once I’m able to get the camera that I want so that you can finally see all the great things I do! Take care and don’t forget to give tips, because we are all learning in this thing called life.


pic 1: crsoccer.org

pic 2: zazzle.com


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