Is My Son Superman?

I know I only have one son, but I honestly can’t believe all the things that he wants to get himself into! He plays soccer right now, he wants to start karat lessons, and he is signed up to start playing basketball in the winter! I can’t believe he can get himself into all of this, and still come home and be happy. It excites me so much to see him grow and prosper! It makes me hardly have the energy to keep up with him!


I just hope I don’t turn into one of those crazy moms who can’t handle losing. Trying your best is what matters to me and I think people forget that. I also think he wants to do all of these things because I haven’t pushed him into doing it. He just wants to do it all on his own! I think his motivation to succeed is driving him further. He always tell me that he wants to make me happy and honestly it makes me cry a little each day :)!


I Can Be A Champion!

I want to thank everyone for the resounding advice and encouragement that I have been getting recently. The soccer game was a huge success and the boys came out victorious!  I was even asked to help out again, because I did such a great job! I now know that nobody’s life is perfect, and that certainly can go for me! However, a little love and some smiles can go a long way in this world :)!


With things going well for me at the current moment I have decided to get into running a little more seriously. Besides I have two of the greatest fans that a woman could ever have (my son and dog)! I plan on training to run my first half marathon by next spring. I don’t have too many friends who are into running so I might need some help with this! I don’t know if that is too long to wait or if I can schedule one before the end of the year. I honestly am scared because I know how demanding these can be! I hope that the love of my son and family can help me to reach this new goal though, as I know they will!


I hope that everyone continues to read my blog as I plan to update more currently with photos, recipes, workouts, and fashion. Especially once I’m able to get the camera that I want so that you can finally see all the great things I do! Take care and don’t forget to give tips, because we are all learning in this thing called life.


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Soccer Mom

It’s crazy to see all the soccer mom commercials and think to yourself that you have actually become one! I never thought I would become a soccer mom, but it has begun. The season has started and William is doing so well. He is so fast on the field J. It’s as if the other boys are standing around, while he zips by them.


Sheba always has a smile on her face too, while she watches William. I think she might be his number one fan! She seems to know whenever they score, and barks as her applause (It is so cute!)

It will be my turn to provide the breakfast and snacks for Saturday’s game! I’m a little nervous about this one, and want to make sure that I pick something that is not only enjoyable to eat but healthy for the kids as well.  I plan on making small breakfast sandwiches for the kids and adults to enjoy alike. Then I want to have apples and oranges for the halftime snack! I think that would be good for everyone to enjoy :)! If you have any ideas about this please be sure to let me know. I ‘am a little flustered to make sure I satisfy everyone’s needs! I’m sure it will all work out, because all of the parents on the team are so caring. I love the team, and I know the boys will enjoy a lot of success this season with the help of my little all-star :)!

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Football is Back!

Anyone who has been around me lately knows I’m a huge Green Bay Packers fan! Although they got off to a slightly rough start last week with the 49ers, they turned it around yesterday by beating the Redskins. I think a certain Aaron Rodgers had four touchdown passes!


He really is something special to watch as of lately. I think we might have another Super Bowl appearance in the near future for my other boys :)!


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The Brew City that I Love

I was recently contacted by a friend in the pet blogging community about an awesome sharing opportunity online.  DogVacay has started a photo sharing campaign to find out how your dog represents your city and interests.

I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for Sheba to show how she represents our city and interests and I thought it was the perfect time to exemplify how much I love Milwaukee. It just seemed like such a cute and fun idea that I couldn’t pass up while thinking about all of the ideas and possibilities from even other cities!

Milwaukee is not only a big brew town, but also a town driven by sports and enthusiastic people! Just from the lake and breweries  it isn’t hard to fall in love quickly. Sheba enjoys when I walk her all over the city, or take her on the lake. Though I think she is the biggest fan of basketball. Whenever William plays around with one, him and Sheba always have the best time, which is why I dressed her up in a Milwaukee Bucks jersey.

sheba bucks

I know what you’re thinking (isn’t she the cutest thing). I think it reflects her pride for her city, and team! DogVacay really has done an awesome job in helping me attain a pet sitter when I’am out of town, especially in the Milwaukee area. If you live in Milwaukee, or you’re trying to find someone then I would do a quick search here!

Eat Good, Feel Good

Most women don’t realize that just as men treat their bodies through shakes, chicken, and lifting, women need to do the same. Obviously I’m not eating everything in my path :p, but I do choose to stay on the healthy side of things and nurture my body as much as possible even with William by my side. So I have decided to share a few of my tips that women could be using to stay healthy and fit on a daily basis.


Women love to work cardio which is great, because I personally think that it’s a great way to stay fit and healthy, however don’t forget to tone also by squats, mini weights, or even adding some push ups to your routine. It will only help your body, because unlike men, women physically cannot gain the same amount of muscle mass naturally so you don’t need to worry about “bulking up”. Secondly, add a post workout meal or shake after your workout. It can be the big difference makers on whether you get the body you have been waiting for. Several stores have cheap shakes for women, and if you still are hesitant about it then at least think to eat a meal packed with nutrition. I personally enjoy an avocado and salsa after a workout, which does wonders! Lastly, always remember to eat. I know a lot of my friends work on a daily basis, and I know it might be hard or seem right to skip a meal, although there is no excuse. Making sure your body stays fed is one of the best ways to stay healthy. Just make sure you’re being healthy about it.

dumb bells

And there you have it, a quick simple education on ways you can stay healthy and reach some possible goals. Seriously look to take some of these into account for the next time you workout. I think it could make all the difference! 🙂



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Project Time

I feel as though a house project is way over due in my home. I haven’t decided what color I want to do, but I do know that I want to paint one of the walls in my house! Out of all the colors that make me smile, I think that I want to paint a light peach color. It has the possibility of complimenting several of my rooms, which excites me!

sheba wrapped in blanket

I think the project will not only help me but also William and Sheba alike. It can also help me to teach William some new skills about being a handyman for the future (I always enjoy preparing him for his future)!

I was taught by my father several ways to do chores around the house, which several of my friends are startled by. But it’s because I had no easy upbringing which has helped shape who I ‘am today J.  Gosh, I’m excited to be able to have fun with this and share some laughs with my lovies.  Watch out handymen, Shaye Walsh is showing you a trick or two :). Feel free to post about any projects you’er up to or color ideas!

You’re Cordially Invited

Isn’t that just the best feeling in the world when you get a letter in the mail from a long time girlfriend and its informing you that she’s getting married! I just get ecstatic about it. Knowing you get to take part in a wedding is always an awesome feeling. I personally don’t just enjoy the fun that it brings, but the true reason for it, love… Yes, I know I’m a single mother, but love is something so adorable, and cute. It needs to be cherished with the utmost respect. I think I’m going to have to watch the notebook tonight after seeing this (you can’t tell me that is a bad movie, Ryan Gosling is in it!).


I also get to show off my prize possession William! He always looks adorable when he gets dressed up in a suit. My man of armor I call him. Ah, I just thought I should share with others the news!


The only thing I need to think of now is how to plan for this occasion. This is when budgeting becomes key! I know with my fantastic skills however, that I can do this! A wedding weekend is no light expense, but if you stay ahead and know early then anyone can do it!



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The Dog Tip on Food

Since having Sheba I have learned that dogs can be a major expense in your life. However, that is no need to discourage someone from getting one! I have found that dog treats in the morning are a cost effective way of saving money instead of buying large dog food bags. At night I will feed, which has been keeping her hungry and healthy. You have to find out what kind your dog will like in my opinion and how much food they consume. But remember to keep them healthy and up whenever they eat! It could turn into a successful and long life for your pup!


We did this food strategy with my dog growing up (a beautiful mixed lab named Champion, and she made it 18 years!) Imagine your dog making it that long and I know you’ll be happy!

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Trivia Night

This week I went to a Trivia night with William at a local restaurant and WOW was it fun! He loved it (regardless that he didn’t know a lot of the questions!) He is starting to become so smart (and always was). I never imagined he would get so smart through the years of growing up. It was also fun for me to mingle with the girls that I invited and enjoy some drinks as well!


Another great thing to remember about trivia nights at bars and local eateries is that a lot of them have specials on those nights. I was able to get a flatbread, and a drink for $6 dollars! I think that’s a steal at a sit down restaurant!


Always keep this in mind when looking at where you want to grab a bite. It not only is saving you some bucks, but also is fun for everyone!


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