The Dog Tip on Food

Since having Sheba I have learned that dogs can be a major expense in your life. However, that is no need to discourage someone from getting one! I have found that dog treats in the morning are a cost effective way of saving money instead of buying large dog food bags. At night I will feed, which has been keeping her hungry and healthy. You have to find out what kind your dog will like in my opinion and how much food they consume. But remember to keep them healthy and up whenever they eat! It could turn into a successful and long life for your pup!


We did this food strategy with my dog growing up (a beautiful mixed lab named Champion, and she made it 18 years!) Imagine your dog making it that long and I know you’ll be happy!

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Give the Dog a Bone

I always enjoy doing things for Sheba to keep her happy, and healthy. This time I decided to make some dog treats for her that she had to love.

I obviously was scrimmaging through pinterest, and came across the recipe. It seemed simple enough, and entertaining to make as well. I also was pleased to have a helper! William was extremely excited when I asked him to make the treats. It was nice to make them together, and Sheba loved them!

dog treats

Try to find your own recipe on pinterest.

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