Happy Holidays!

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile again. I’m really failing at this whole blogging thing right now! Please don’t kill me anyone 😦 I can say though that I had a fantastic holiday season. It’s always sad when it has to come to an end, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time with my family and friends! I’m so grateful to have all of the people in my life still. It truly is a blessing and one that gets taken for granite. I just hope that I can continue into the New Year healthy, happy, and energized to keep up all the beautiful things I have.

I would also like to add thank you to all of my blogging friends for helping me through all of my adversity this year, and for the advice that you gave me. I’m amazed at how people reach out to me being so kind J

Enjoy! Some of my travels!

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Is My Son Superman?

I know I only have one son, but I honestly can’t believe all the things that he wants to get himself into! He plays soccer right now, he wants to start karat lessons, and he is signed up to start playing basketball in the winter! I can’t believe he can get himself into all of this, and still come home and be happy. It excites me so much to see him grow and prosper! It makes me hardly have the energy to keep up with him!


I just hope I don’t turn into one of those crazy moms who can’t handle losing. Trying your best is what matters to me and I think people forget that. I also think he wants to do all of these things because I haven’t pushed him into doing it. He just wants to do it all on his own! I think his motivation to succeed is driving him further. He always tell me that he wants to make me happy and honestly it makes me cry a little each day :)!

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Soccer Mom

It’s crazy to see all the soccer mom commercials and think to yourself that you have actually become one! I never thought I would become a soccer mom, but it has begun. The season has started and William is doing so well. He is so fast on the field J. It’s as if the other boys are standing around, while he zips by them.


Sheba always has a smile on her face too, while she watches William. I think she might be his number one fan! She seems to know whenever they score, and barks as her applause (It is so cute!)

It will be my turn to provide the breakfast and snacks for Saturday’s game! I’m a little nervous about this one, and want to make sure that I pick something that is not only enjoyable to eat but healthy for the kids as well.  I plan on making small breakfast sandwiches for the kids and adults to enjoy alike. Then I want to have apples and oranges for the halftime snack! I think that would be good for everyone to enjoy :)! If you have any ideas about this please be sure to let me know. I ‘am a little flustered to make sure I satisfy everyone’s needs! I’m sure it will all work out, because all of the parents on the team are so caring. I love the team, and I know the boys will enjoy a lot of success this season with the help of my little all-star :)!

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A Simple Beginning

Hello fellow blogging world….

My name is Shaye Walsh and I am a new blogger who will be writing about all things family, friends, travel, budget, food, and even a bit of fitness too! I was a stay at home mom until my husband and I got divorced a few years back. I have a 6 year old who is the light of my life named William, and a jack russel terrier named Sheba. .  My son currently attends kindergarten while I fill my days with working in health administration and spend my nights taking courses to become a Life Coach. While my family has continuously changed throughout my life, I can truly say that they are the two that guide my life.  However, I do wish to keep certain parts of my life personal in striving for new goals and looking for ways to increase the opportunities my son has for succeeding in his own life.

I created this blog so I could share my experiences of balancing parenting, work and everyday life. I continuously look at other mommy blogs for advice, tips, and encouragement, in hopes that this blog will do the same for others.

Trying to figure out life, as a single mother is what I do one day at a time with my beloved son and dog. It also helps when life, food, fitness, and fun are a few of my favorite things! I hope blogging can help me share my knowledge and ideas while also attaining some from others. So please feel free to leave comments or email me at shayewalsh@gmail.com so that we can both learn in the light.