The Holiday Season is Here!

 I know I haven’t posted in awhile, and I apologize. Everything has been a little hectic preparing for and partaking in Thanksgiving! I hope all of my readers, friends, and family had an excellent Thanksgiving, because I know I did!

I went back home to my parents house in Cleveland, and brought William with my 🙂 It was nice to finally take some serious time off of work and the world! It truly was fantastic, and I’ am grateful that I was able to do it.  So instead of a long post about everything I did in writing, I thought I would just show some photos of my time :p However, I would like to add that my next great battle is Christmas shopping, yikes! Any ideas for help?!

CMApic                   CMofA

pizza                   west side market

The Dog Tip on Food

Since having Sheba I have learned that dogs can be a major expense in your life. However, that is no need to discourage someone from getting one! I have found that dog treats in the morning are a cost effective way of saving money instead of buying large dog food bags. At night I will feed, which has been keeping her hungry and healthy. You have to find out what kind your dog will like in my opinion and how much food they consume. But remember to keep them healthy and up whenever they eat! It could turn into a successful and long life for your pup!


We did this food strategy with my dog growing up (a beautiful mixed lab named Champion, and she made it 18 years!) Imagine your dog making it that long and I know you’ll be happy!

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Is Gluten Free Healthy?

I was with one of my girlfriends the other day eating a delectable burger. She ordered the same thing I did, however, she didn’t get a bun with her burger. It wasn’t necessarily shocking and I figured she was just on a diet. As we were eating and talking (and a little bit of gossiping I suppose!) she told me she was now eating gluten-free. I knew what gluten free meant and what it was, but I have never looked into the beneficial aspects of it. She walked me through how she came to be gluten free. She exclaimed that after a series of migraines and stomach aches a friend told her to try it out. She has been feeling great ever since, so it piques my own interest a bit.

gluten free products

I love going to the grocery store and saving money. I think even trying to be gluten free is a little too expensive for me, but I did make a gluten free pizza to see how I felt and sample the taste! It wasn’t bad at all! I was able to get my inspiration from A Gluten Free Guide. I think I’ll learn a few more gluten free recipes in the future to to try out for William and I. Who knows, maybe I will try to make it a more permanent lifestyle in the future!

gluten free pizza ready

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