Is Gluten Free Healthy?

I was with one of my girlfriends the other day eating a delectable burger. She ordered the same thing I did, however, she didn’t get a bun with her burger. It wasn’t necessarily shocking and I figured she was just on a diet. As we were eating and talking (and a little bit of gossiping I suppose!) she told me she was now eating gluten-free. I knew what gluten free meant and what it was, but I have never looked into the beneficial aspects of it. She walked me through how she came to be gluten free. She exclaimed that after a series of migraines and stomach aches a friend told her to try it out. She has been feeling great ever since, so it piques my own interest a bit.

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I love going to the grocery store and saving money. I think even trying to be gluten free is a little too expensive for me, but I did make a gluten free pizza to see how I felt and sample the taste! It wasn’t bad at all! I was able to get my inspiration from A Gluten Free Guide. I think I’ll learn a few more gluten free recipes in the future to to try out for William and I. Who knows, maybe I will try to make it a more permanent lifestyle in the future!

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