Eat Good, Feel Good

Most women don’t realize that just as men treat their bodies through shakes, chicken, and lifting, women need to do the same. Obviously I’m not eating everything in my path :p, but I do choose to stay on the healthy side of things and nurture my body as much as possible even with William by my side. So I have decided to share a few of my tips that women could be using to stay healthy and fit on a daily basis.


Women love to work cardio which is great, because I personally think that it’s a great way to stay fit and healthy, however don’t forget to tone also by squats, mini weights, or even adding some push ups to your routine. It will only help your body, because unlike men, women physically cannot gain the same amount of muscle mass naturally so you don’t need to worry about “bulking up”. Secondly, add a post workout meal or shake after your workout. It can be the big difference makers on whether you get the body you have been waiting for. Several stores have cheap shakes for women, and if you still are hesitant about it then at least think to eat a meal packed with nutrition. I personally enjoy an avocado and salsa after a workout, which does wonders! Lastly, always remember to eat. I know a lot of my friends work on a daily basis, and I know it might be hard or seem right to skip a meal, although there is no excuse. Making sure your body stays fed is one of the best ways to stay healthy. Just make sure you’re being healthy about it.

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And there you have it, a quick simple education on ways you can stay healthy and reach some possible goals. Seriously look to take some of these into account for the next time you workout. I think it could make all the difference! 🙂



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