Puppy Play Date

When I woke up this past Sunday Sheba seemed to be lagging a little more than usual. So I thought to myself, what could I do to make her feel better? My first thought was to go over to one of my girlfriend’s houses that also has a dog. Sheba has always loved playing with other dogs whenever she see’s them, I just hadn’t had a puppy play date in awhile so I forgot how much fun they were! It was great for not only me, but for my girlfriend’s yellow lab as well. They had so much fun exploring together, and finding different things in the backyard. I was able to catch up with her, and really had a very eventful day. Even William was also able to come with his busy superstar sports schedule and hangout with the dogs!

look at you on bed-sheba

This can be a fun activity to not only get you outside of the house, but to also get your dog active and happy again. She even made some sandwiches for us to eat for lunch, which was great! The French bread she had for the sandwiches made my tongue yell in happiness.  So don’t forget that your dog can be just as social as you are the next time you’re looking to do something :)! You might be surprised at how much fun you have.

photo 5

Is My Son Superman?

I know I only have one son, but I honestly can’t believe all the things that he wants to get himself into! He plays soccer right now, he wants to start karat lessons, and he is signed up to start playing basketball in the winter! I can’t believe he can get himself into all of this, and still come home and be happy. It excites me so much to see him grow and prosper! It makes me hardly have the energy to keep up with him!


I just hope I don’t turn into one of those crazy moms who can’t handle losing. Trying your best is what matters to me and I think people forget that. I also think he wants to do all of these things because I haven’t pushed him into doing it. He just wants to do it all on his own! I think his motivation to succeed is driving him further. He always tell me that he wants to make me happy and honestly it makes me cry a little each day :)!

pic- vectortemplates.com

You’re Cordially Invited

Isn’t that just the best feeling in the world when you get a letter in the mail from a long time girlfriend and its informing you that she’s getting married! I just get ecstatic about it. Knowing you get to take part in a wedding is always an awesome feeling. I personally don’t just enjoy the fun that it brings, but the true reason for it, love… Yes, I know I’m a single mother, but love is something so adorable, and cute. It needs to be cherished with the utmost respect. I think I’m going to have to watch the notebook tonight after seeing this (you can’t tell me that is a bad movie, Ryan Gosling is in it!).


I also get to show off my prize possession William! He always looks adorable when he gets dressed up in a suit. My man of armor I call him. Ah, I just thought I should share with others the news!


The only thing I need to think of now is how to plan for this occasion. This is when budgeting becomes key! I know with my fantastic skills however, that I can do this! A wedding weekend is no light expense, but if you stay ahead and know early then anyone can do it!



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picture credit: mydigitalbrochure.com