My First Golfing Experience

I was asked by a coworker to go golfing this past weekend. At first I was very hesitant to say yes, as I have never been golfing before. I had only heard about how hard it can be! Despite this feeling, I thought this was something I just couldn’t pass up so I took her up on the offer and went. I had a blast at the course, which I was not expecting! Yes, I stunk at it, but it was loads of fun and now I know how much fun it can be! I wish it wasn’t already getting so cold or else I probably would try to go more often. However, I think I’ll hold off until next spring!

I’ll stick with my fitness plan, and marathon training. Though now I know to go the next time someone is looking. It is as hard as they say it is, but with a few more outings I think I’ll be able to hold my own! And the course was beautiful! Take a look at the few photos I remembered to snap. Don’t forget that you don’t have to go to a fancy golf course. For only a few dollars you can have fun on the course, and enjoy the outdoors on a beautiful afternoon.

golfing  golf course

Soccer Mom

It’s crazy to see all the soccer mom commercials and think to yourself that you have actually become one! I never thought I would become a soccer mom, but it has begun. The season has started and William is doing so well. He is so fast on the field J. It’s as if the other boys are standing around, while he zips by them.


Sheba always has a smile on her face too, while she watches William. I think she might be his number one fan! She seems to know whenever they score, and barks as her applause (It is so cute!)

It will be my turn to provide the breakfast and snacks for Saturday’s game! I’m a little nervous about this one, and want to make sure that I pick something that is not only enjoyable to eat but healthy for the kids as well.  I plan on making small breakfast sandwiches for the kids and adults to enjoy alike. Then I want to have apples and oranges for the halftime snack! I think that would be good for everyone to enjoy :)! If you have any ideas about this please be sure to let me know. I ‘am a little flustered to make sure I satisfy everyone’s needs! I’m sure it will all work out, because all of the parents on the team are so caring. I love the team, and I know the boys will enjoy a lot of success this season with the help of my little all-star :)!

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Football is Back!

Anyone who has been around me lately knows I’m a huge Green Bay Packers fan! Although they got off to a slightly rough start last week with the 49ers, they turned it around yesterday by beating the Redskins. I think a certain Aaron Rodgers had four touchdown passes!


He really is something special to watch as of lately. I think we might have another Super Bowl appearance in the near future for my other boys :)!


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First Pitch!

Today, William and I went to our first Brewers game of the season. I love going to the stadium and cheering for the team! Hopefully the boys will have a good season this year!


William and I shared two hot dogs and cotton candy. Yum!! Sadly we lost against the Cardinals 6-1, but I still couldn’t ask for a better day with my son.


Always remember that a simple trip to an event or game can get you out of the house, while also relieving stress (well for me it does J). And it’s the same price of a movie, but memories are made!


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