Lesson Learned

Sheba has always been a great dog, but I always thought that she had more to learn. I didn’t want to hire a trainer, or take part in the expense. In learning about other dog training exercises, I’ve personally learned that this one works the best.

sheba on bed u

A lot of dog owners sleep with their canines so that they know whose boss. Well the trick is to do this, but in a much more confined space when learning manners. So I locked Sheba and I in the bathroom, to show her that she needs to listen to me. We were in there for hours and when we came out she understood when to come, sit, lay, etc.… It was truly beneficial to the both of us, and I personally think you should test it with your dog if they are having behavioral problems.

It is a learning curve, but one that soothes them as well. If you have the time I fully recommend trying this trick out!