On the Road to Recovery

Getting old stinks! I’m too young to have aches and pains all the time. I guess thats what an active lifestyle will do to you. Sadly I may have been a little too active having sustained a calf injury while training this week and so close to the Pewaukee Women’s Half Marathon. I was looking forward to running in it this year as I have always heard such great things about the event.

It was such a freak accident that I can’t believe how it happened. We had just had a light sprinkle and afterwards I headed out for my jog. Part of this could be my own fault for running on sidewalks but hey, it helps me map out my distance. Anyway I went to step up onto the curb as I crossed the street and my foot slipped back onto the road. My toes were on the side of the curb with my heel on the ground and my body moving forward. I guess it was some type of hyperextension or over stretching of the muscle. Nonetheless it looks like it’s the couch for me for a couple days.

I quite upset about missing the half marathon as I had been training for it for a month or so now. But to be honest I am most upset about missing the Zombie Mud Run later in the month as well. The concept seems very strange and SciFi-ish but at the same time really fun. It was my thought that being chased by zombies would enhance my “fight or flight” and I could run the race in record time! Haha.

This could be the perfect time for me to catch up on some shows while I recover from my set back. It’s about time I used that Netflix account to its full potential! Hopefully in no time I’ll be back out there jogging around. Happy Spring Everyone!



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