Happy Holidays!

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile again. I’m really failing at this whole blogging thing right now! Please don’t kill me anyone 😦 I can say though that I had a fantastic holiday season. It’s always sad when it has to come to an end, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time with my family and friends! I’m so grateful to have all of the people in my life still. It truly is a blessing and one that gets taken for granite. I just hope that I can continue into the New Year healthy, happy, and energized to keep up all the beautiful things I have.

I would also like to add thank you to all of my blogging friends for helping me through all of my adversity this year, and for the advice that you gave me. I’m amazed at how people reach out to me being so kind J

Enjoy! Some of my travels!

photo 1 photo 2

photo 3 photo 4

The Holiday Season is Here!

 I know I haven’t posted in awhile, and I apologize. Everything has been a little hectic preparing for and partaking in Thanksgiving! I hope all of my readers, friends, and family had an excellent Thanksgiving, because I know I did!

I went back home to my parents house in Cleveland, and brought William with my 🙂 It was nice to finally take some serious time off of work and the world! It truly was fantastic, and I’ am grateful that I was able to do it.  So instead of a long post about everything I did in writing, I thought I would just show some photos of my time :p However, I would like to add that my next great battle is Christmas shopping, yikes! Any ideas for help?!

CMApic                   CMofA

pizza                   west side market